Redefining Boundaries: The Hertz Case and Its Impact on Rental Car Insurance Obligations

Is a rental car company considered an insurer if a crash happens? This question was answered by the Colorado Court of Appeals in Babayev v. Hertz earlier this month.   Imagine embarking on a long-awaited trip in a rental car, feeling the excitement of adventure mixed with the assurance that comes from knowing you're covered by insurance, just in case. Now, envision the unforeseen happening—a hit-and-run incident leaving you injured and stranded, relying on that very insurance promise. This scenario mirrors the real-life [...]

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Cyclists Alert! Essential Insurance Coverage to Protect from Hit-and-Runs

Every cyclist needs to have underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. This quick guide covers why it's vital for your peace of mind if you are ever hit by a car. Watch the video below: Ready for a Free Consultation? We're here to help. Your serious injuries deserve legal representation by a talented and aggressive legal team that works for you to recover the maximum amount possible for you. Reach [...]

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