Understanding Your Rights: Employer Responsibility in Personal Injury Cases

When you're injured and an employee's actions are to blame, it's essential to understand the potential responsibility of their employer in your situation. Identifying and pursuing recovery from an employer could mean the difference between recovering nothing, to being fully compensated for your injuries. This article aims to unravel the complexities of employer liability, providing clarity for those considering a personal injury case. In the intricate network of modern society, the roles of employees and their employers in personal injury cases can often [...]

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Eight Steps to Take After an Accident to Maximize Your Claim

Car accidents remain one of the most significant reasons for injuries in Colorado. If you're ever involved in one, what you do immediately afterward could help or hurt your personal injury case. At Arckey & Associates, we are well acquainted with the intricacies of car accident claims. Here, we break down the crucial steps to take, post-accident, to help your case and improve your chances of securing just compensation. This will cover what to do at the scene of a crash, as well [...]

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Slip and Fall Accidents in Colorado: Navigating Liability and Compensation

Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, and often result in significant injuries. If you've experienced a slip and fall accident in Colorado, it's essential to understand your rights and how to secure the compensation you deserve. On this page, we will explore the nuances of slip and fall accidents in Colorado, focusing on liability and compensation. At Arckey & Associates, we're here to guide you through this challenging process. Understanding Slip and Fall Accidents in Colorado: 1. Establishing Liability in [...]

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Understanding Wrongful Death Claims in Colorado

The loss of a loved one is an experience that no one can fully prepare for, especially when it occurs under sudden and tragic circumstances. In the beautiful state of Colorado, where the terrain can sometimes be as unpredictable as life itself, wrongful deaths can occur due to various reasons. From car accidents on winding mountain roads to incidents regarding improper medical care, the ramifications of such losses are profound. What is a Wrongful Death Claim? In legal terms, a wrongful death claim [...]

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