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Colorado’s Dilemma with Truck Accidents

Driving along Colorado’s roads, it is easy to understand the anxiety many have from being near a large tractor-trailer. Compared to our everyday cars, these large trucks are a different breed altogether. Their huge size and weight don’t just command space, they also alter how accidents play out – catastrophically.

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The Stark Reality of Trucking Collisions

Contrary to a minor fender bender between two cars, when a tractor-trailer crashes, it often leaves devastation in its wake. The repercussions can be monumental, with victims enduring severe physical and emotional scars. Tragically, some don’t survive, leaving behind bereaved families grappling with both grief and unforeseen expenses.

Yet, in the face of adversity, there’s recourse. While no legal action can turn back time, it can provide financial relief. Arckey & Associates stands out in Colorado for its commitment to truck accident victims. Our no-obligation, free consultation ensures that you can share your story without any pressure.

Understanding Truck Accidents: Not Just Another Road Mishap

One might assume that dealing with a truck accident is similar to handling a car crash. However, truck accidents are much more complex:

  • Catastrophic Injuries: The gravity of injuries sustained in truck accidents is often on another level. Victims might grapple with an array of medical issues, some long-term, even permanent. To ensure a strong personal injury claim, it’s essential to comprehend the injury’s full scope, ensuring victims are adequately compensated in a settlement.
  • The Parties Involved: Assigning fault in truck accidents isn’t straightforward. With potential multiple parties involved—from the driver to the truck company, to even parts manufacturers—determining liability becomes a challenge.
  • Regulations: While most drivers in Colorado are well-versed with basic traffic norms, trucks operate under a denser web of regulations. The average person might not know these rules, but breaking them can prove a truck driver’s negligence. Navigating this maze mandates the expertise of a truck accident lawyer

In navigating these murky waters, having a seasoned guide is invaluable. Arckey & Associates brings to the table experience and a proven track record. For those affected by the perils of truck-related mishaps in Colorado, we stand ready to assist.


Navigating the Aftermath of a Truck Collision

A semi-truck accident can be deeply frightening. Victims often find themselves disoriented and uncertain about the subsequent steps. Charting the right path immediately after can significantly improve your personal injury case. Here are the essentials:

  • Contact Law Enforcement: Any accident in Colorado, especially involving injuries, fatalities, or property damage, necessitates a police report. Considering truck incidents are often severe, call the police to the scene.
  • Compile Pertinent Details: Exchange information with the truck driver, including the name of the trucking company and their insurance details.
  • Engage Bystanders: Onlookers can provide unbiased accounts, strengthening your claim. Collect their contact info and preliminary observations.
  • Chronicle the Scene: A picture is worth a thousand words. Photograph the scene, highlighting vehicle damages, distinct truck logos, and any personal injuries.
  • Prioritize Your Health: Regardless of how you are feeling, get a medical check-up as soon as possible. Some injuries are not discovered right away, becoming more severe over time. Early detection is key.
  • Exercise Caution in Communications: Be wary of early communications from insurance adjusters. Do not talk with them and hire an attorney. Their primary goal often leans towards minimizing payout and settling your case as quickly as possible.

How We Can Help

We will be your strategic ally, advocating for your rights through the entire process. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

  • Investigating: We will investigate all aspects of the accident, dissecting reports, scrutinizing medical documents, and interviewing witnesses. The goal? Unearthing the negligence of the at-fault parties and documenting your injuries to strengthen your case. Beyond the accident, we will investigate the truck company, searching for potential lapses in the trucking company's operations, from maintenance gaps to training inadequacies.
  • Helping With Medical Care: Health insurance companies might try dictating your treatment, limiting how much care you can get, or which medical specialists you can see. This can bring your recovery to a halt. We will intervene, ensuring you make decisions regarding your care and see who is necessary for your recovery.
  • Insurance Negotiations: This can be very difficult with commercial trucking insurance companies. They will want to offer you next to nothing to settle your case or deny the claim altogether. By negotiating and standing up for your rights, we will fight for your fair compensation.
  • Litigation and Trial: If out-of-court settlements are unsuccessful, we are experienced litigators, and will use the leverage of a lawsuit to get you just compensation for your injuries, even if that means going to trial.

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